The main components for any air conditioning installation comprises of aesthetics, small spaces, social commitments, budget and most important of all comfort. We provide you with the best equipment at reasonable prices. Therefore when you call us, we will arrange an appointment with one of our expert engineers to visit your premises and discuss your requirements. We deal and install the following systems: wall mounted, floor, cassette, ducted, ceiling suspended from the following suppliers Daikin, Mitsubishi electric, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sanyo and LG. Our installation service and expertise encompasses commercial, residential, health, education, food and drink rooms sectors in most of the cities of UK like London, Liverpool and Cambridge.

Guide to Install Air Conditioner

After buying an air conditioner you should also place and get your AC correctly to derive the benefits.

Height of AC

The first tip is AC Height, in a 10 feet high room, a split type AC should be installed at 7 -8 feet for the best cooling performance. If it is window type AC, the best height is 3-4 feet from the floor.

AC shouldn’t be fixed very close to the wall in an airtight room. If it so, it will trip due to high head pressure, as heat dissipation can't happen. The distance from the wall must be more than 900 mm after fixing the air conditioner and top of the shaft should not be closed.

Selection of AC

  • You should Install the A.C unit in an area that provides good ventilation. Check that the air conditioner must not be blocked by any obstacle affecting the air flow near the air inlet and air outlet
  • You should Install the A.C unit in an area which can endure the weight and vibration of the unit
  • You should Install the A.C unit away from heat or vapour
  • You should Install the A.C unit in an area where the cold air can evenly spread in a room
  • You should Install the A.C unit in an area which provides easy drainage for condensed water
  • You should Install the A.C unit in an area not exposed to rain or direct sunlight

AC installation Problems

If you don’t know the proper AC Installation method then it may bring the following problems:

  • Less cooling
  • Improper cooling
  • Less cold air circulation

After Sales:

Service from Air Fusion provides a flexible service maintenance package once installation is complete. Peace of mind comes from ensuring you have the full manufacturers warranty on all your equipment.


3 years warranty on parts and labour subject to maintenance agreement under contract with Air Fusion.